Support a Programme

As a non-profit organisation, Khoj depends on continuous support to sustain our projects. From residencies that push the boundaries of art practice to landmark exhibitions that have shaped the terrain of contemporary art to community programmes that bridge difference in our neighbourhood, Khoj invites you to make a contribution towards one of our key programme areas. Make a contribution to secure the future of the arts in India.

To find out how, please email or call +91-11-65655873.



INR 10,00,000 SUPPORTS

One 6-week residential studio programme for Indian and International artists


One year of socially engaged art projects in our neighbourhood of Khirkee

INR 5,00,000 SUPPORTS 

One residency- or exhibition-related publication


One 1-day seminar with participants from around the country


Production grants for five artists during a six-week residency



One issue of Khoj’s quarterly local newspaper Khirkee Voice

Programme supporters will be acknowledged on the Khoj website and all programme related collateral