This Must Be True


Curated by Mario D’Souza, Mila Samdub and Radha Mahendru


Opening Reception: Monday, 28th January, 2019, 6:30 PM Onward

Time: 6:00 PM onward.

Venue: S-17, Khoj Studios, Khirkee Extension, New Delhi.

Exhibition Dates: 28th January to 11th March (Closed on Sundays)

Ala Younis, Bani Abidi , Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Pallavi Paul, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Sahil Naik, Superflex, Susan Schuppli, Zuleikha Chaudhari + KHOJ

In 2017, Khoj staged a hearing titled ‘Landscape as Evidence: Artist as Witness’, developed in collaboration with artist Zuleikha Chaudhari. Hoping to provide alternatives to established social, political, and economic narratives, the hearing presented art as evidence and artists as witnesses in a simulated court of law. Opening with a video of these proceedings This Must Be True complicates the very act of witnessing in the collapsing gulf between law and aesthetics.

Our curatorial enquiry locates itself in the disquiet of the strange shifts our worlds are undergoing. In the tangle of surveillance, big data, algorithms, and post-truth politics, we continually produce, document, and archive ourselves as consenting and unwitting subjects. This must be true questions the delight, revulsion, anxiety, and conviction in our practices of mass witnessing. In the world and in the exhibition space, we are implicated in the twin acts of spectatorship and participation.

From spaces of stillness and action, the works in the exhibition posit witnesses that are romantic, non-sentient, voyeuristic, under threat, incarcerated.



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