The Yamuna Project

The 2007 opening residency at KHOJ focuses on the theme of eco-art. It hosts two Delhi based artists, Atul Bhalla who works with sculpture, performance and photography and is also a teacher and Ravi Aggarwal a photographer and  Director of the environmental NGO Toxic Link. Both artists have had several years of engagement with the river Yamuna in Delhi as a water source and ecological entity.

Bhalla and Aggarwal think of the river and its water in a conceptual sense and in their work relate it to a personal reflection of the self and the changing city; they are equally concerned with the strained ecological relationship of the citizens to the degraded river and how it has become insignificant in the people’s imagination over time.

Through the residency one joint public project has been proposed allowing for large audience participation as well as individual projects, the artists hope to explore the multiple ecologies of the river and the self in the context of the contemporary. In the words of the artists they will eat, drink and drown in the river in order to regain the self.

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