The Augmented Square Mile

The Augmented Square Mile is a project that will create a layer of information, images and text over one square mile around KHOJ, which can be seen and discovered, using augmented reality applications on smart phones.

Khirkee, where KHOJ Studios is located, offers snippets of the changing face of Delhi. For within this square mile, we have one of Delhi’s biggest malls, a little sliver of new offices of the lower courts and parts of a village going through rapid urbanisation. Khirkee is a large heterogeneous collection of neighbourhoods keeping up with the emerging character of contemporary India.

The project adds meaning and information to Khirkee by enriching user experience. Simultaneously, through images, text and other forms of digital art, users can expand their understanding not only about the place, but also about contemporary arts.  It allows the opening of new modes and models of learning, discovering, and knowledge exchange through technological intervention.

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