Residency InContext: public. art. ecology – Food Ed. III

Khoj’s program was initiated to create public dialogue around ecological issues through artistic projects and interventions; over the last two years through its InContext residencies, Khoj has narrowed its focus to projects and interventions dealing with food.

In continuing with this trajectory Khoj is curating a third edition of its – Food Edition  III residency conceived to overlap with the commencement of a separate but related year-long urban farming initiative. The residency aims to generate conversation around issues of food sustainability, food cycles (including growing, farming, harvesting, producing, circulating and distributing) and agriculture in both urban and peri-urban settings in and around Delhi. Simultaneously, the residency will continue to develop additional conversations around other food related issues, such as the politics of food and food as artistic medium.

Through this fifth edition of the residency, Khoj is looking to expand the scope of the larger umbrella program. In addition to the projects developed in the residency, Khoj is also planning to facilitate shorter durational interventions that provoke questions and discussions about food in tandem. Some of these interventions are pre-planned, while others will develop organically through the conversations generated within the residency. Interventions will range the gamut and will include several artist hosted food workshops, dinner-performances, performance interventions and public installations.

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