Pixel Art Workshop

KHOJ + Mocha Arthouse = A collaboration

Oomleo is a pixel artist from Indonesia and presently an Artist-In-Residency at Khoj International Artists Association, he is also exhibiting his work at Mocha Arthouse in New Delhi.

Oomleo is taking this Saturday off to share his techniques and perspectives on creating pixel art. This is an all day session and would be enriching for graphic designers, digital artists, photographers and the newbie alike.

We are looking for a total of 10-12 participants.

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with Adobe Photoshop installed and preferably a stylus (wacom and the like) if possible. A basic undertsanding of Photoshop, drawing, composition art and design will help too.

Session Overview :

Showcase – Preview
Isometric Drawing and Illustration
Software and Tools
Basic Tutorial
Setting up Photoshop
Extended Tutorial
Output, Web, setting and Printing Matters
Conversations and Quick Artworks
The workshop starts at 11am, lunch shall be served at 2pm, the session ends at 6pm with an informal gathering afterwards.
For ‘Workshop Registration’ please send an email to and stating the following.Name:
Brief Background:
Present Occupation:
Reason for interest in masterclass:

Registrations close on the 27th November 2009.

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