On Air : With Dr. Awadhendra Sharan & Dr. Rohit Negi

‘On Air’ is a Speaker Series initiated as a part of ‘Does The Blue Sky Lie? Testimonies of Air’s Toxicities’, Khoj’s three-year-long project that explores the troubled ecologies of the air in Delhi.

From early orientalist conceptions that saw dust as a marker of the backwardness of colonies to drawings by British architect Gordon Sanderson that imagined the Qutub Minar as smoke-stacks in the early 1900s, the colonial imaginary has played a large role in fashioning India’s atmospheric modernities.

In our first ‘On Air’ conversation, Dr Awadhendra Sharan, author of Dust and Smoke: Air Pollution and Colonial Urbanism, India and Dr.Rohit Negi, associate professor of Urban Studies at Ambedkar University Delhi, will discuss the industrial and colonial histories that have shaped the air we breathe.

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Does The Blue Sky Lie? Testimonies of Air’s Toxicities is supported by the Prince Claus Fund

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