Of Games : Theatre in Code

At the forefront of collaborative and interdisciplinary practices, Khoj presents Of Games – Gaming residency. Keen to explore new mediums and forms of creativity, Khoj wants to develop the gaming residency towards an intersection of artistic expression and technological inquiry. This residency is an exciting opportunity to articulate the contribution of games towards visual culture. Khoj offers its 16 years of archive as inspiration for producing new games and toward contributing to the creative and cultural importance of computer games.

Games are as common-place today as cinema regarding its role as a narrative medium. Some games offer contexts for immersion into game play, while others offer models of complexity. In either case, we have an immediate way of breaking out of ourselves and being immersed in game play, that offers us a system more logically consistent than the one our consciousness is loaded into.

In the residency we aim to look beyond the interpretation of rendering game play as an artistic activity. The residency explores kinds of game play and platform-bending paradigms that inter-disciplinary teams of developers, story-tellers and pixel-crafters forge together. We start with an interest in psychological landscape, simulation, modelling and soft-architectures. We then take these interests to six teams who propose and put-together ludic narratives. This will take the form of a five-week residency which exploits inherent looseness in the frames that hold story-telling, cinema and software together.

This residency is co curated by Prayas Abhinav.

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