Minds to Lose

Minds to Lose is a multi-media performed monologue, alternating between a reflection on Nietzsche’s pronouncement of animals as living unhistorically and the experience of time lost during anesthesia. Including footage from Petting Zoo–a performance Neha Choksi did last year at Khojlive08, for which she anesthetized herself and four farm animals—Minds to Lose considers how anesthesia is a respite from life, from doing, from verbs.  Does anesthesia halt the traditional five senses, and bring the human and the animal into a state of complete overlap?  In addition to original writing, the work includes excerpts and ideas from Parmenides of Elea, Anne Carson, Friedrich Nietzsche, Rainer Maria Rilke, Deb Margolin, Paul Celan, Lisl Marburg Goodman and Rudolf Ehrenberg.

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