Khirkee ki Khoj: Shop Make-Over Project

Khirkee ki Khoj

Khirkee ki Khoj – are community based collaborative art projects, which strive to create accessible spaces that generate interactive dialogues with the Khirkee community. The site-specific projects will be viewed all along the street to Khoj.

Khirkee Shop-Makeovers:

As part of the larger Khoj Community Arts Project initiative, eleven artists have chosen to explore uncharted territory (at least as far as some of their individual practices are concerned) and venture boldly forth into the realm of community art. The site? Khirkee village, more specifically, the street Khoj calls home. The project engages with the shopkeepers who are the primary residents of the street, and entails a group of two or three artists working in collaboration with a shopkeeper, establishing a rapport, exchanging ideas and developing a collective method of art-making.


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