International Residency 2002

2002 marked the year the KHOJ Studios building came into being in the anomaly of the urban/rural environment that is Khirkee village. The physical structure anchored an erstwhile, tentative, fluid entity into brick and mortar. KHOJ sits on the edge of Khirkee Gaon – an ‘Urban village’ very close to Malviya Nagar, situated in the south of Delhi. The Khirkee Village was established in the 13th Century and known for its famous and stunningly beautiful Khirkee Masjid (mosque) built in 1380 AD. KHOJ Studios, began as an experiment – a ‘what if’ enquiry post 5 years of annual workshops, when there was a need to move beyond the workshop and towards more sustained programming.

With active funding two international residencies were organised between November 2002- March 2003. Khoj was fortunate to receive funding from NIFCA and the Ford Foundation. The first few KHOJ residencies were modeled on the workshop with a smaller number of artists, three international and two Indian.

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