Digital Futures 2021

Khoj is delighted to announce the first four artists who are a part of our digital futures program for this year.

On the eve of 2021, Khoj had put out an open call inviting creative practitioners to think through our digital futures and further our inquiry into the digital realm that we had begun with the Aesthetic Warfare Symposium 2019 with Digital Earth. The catastrophe of the second wave of covid has overtaken our capacities to be functional individuals at many levels; we find our increasingly hyperdigital lives and bodies in unique crossroads with technology.

Today we finally get the chance to introduce you to the artists whose practices have been selected as part of a program that will look into (post)digitality and impacts of technology: politics of data, interface and networked systems at large and their applications, materiality, aesthetics and affect.

The selected participants and their projects are:

Nayantara Ranganthan and Manuel Beltrán @beltrandroid_ who will explore the new aesthetics of transparency, through the framework of the Political Ads Transparency paradigm

Nandita Kumar @nandita_kumar whose project “Osmoscape” investigates displays and interactive strategies to engage with critical ‘water data’ to stimulate involvement with issues with environmental health

Dhruv Saxena @decoydhruv and Praveen Sinha @imp8lite from a4.achaar @a4_achaar whose project ‘Pixelated Elephants’ will be a speculative discourse that presents alternative presents and futures of journalism

Swagata Bhattacharyya @b__swagatawho proposes a digital game that examines the technocracies and bureaucracies inherent in the dissemination of information

Stay tuned for profiles on each artist and their practice.

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