D.I.Y Cyborgs Workshop

Cyborg | Body | Japan | Cultures | Critical Design | Design for Debate | Scenario | Narrative | Body Politics |
Biotechnology | Technology | Pop Culture | Bollywood

How can you extend your body to solve your own issues, from tragic heartbreaks to global warming? How might Indian pop culture evolve with the development of cyborg and biotechnologies? Through case studies, examples and prototyping, we’ll discover and discuss how design innovations in technology may affect different cultures in surprising ways.

To participate send an email to: and contact@sputniko.comIn the email please include: Name, Brief Background, Present Occupation, Reason for being interested in the workshop.There is no participation fee.Bring: Found objects, a notebook and ideas.The workshop has been organised in collaboration with Sputniko! (Hiromi Ozaki)

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