PARTICIPANT / Teja Gavankar

  • Name Teja Gavankar
  • Country India

Awards and Residencies

2019 ‘City & Architecture’ 3 months residency at ‘Space Studio’, Baroda.

2018 Junior Fellowship 2017-2018 for ‘’Scheme for Award of Fellowship to Outstanding Person in the Field of Culture’’

2016 2 Months residency at ‘What About Art’ Bandra, Mumbai, India. April-may

2015 ‘Verticale Artist Center’, short residency, Laval,Canada. OCT.

2015 Kochi Biennale Foundation PG Residency collaboration with Palette people, Vagamon, Kerala, India. May.

2015 Participated in ‘Activating Space’ by ‘Khoj international artist association, Delhi, India. Apr.

2014 ‘Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation’ supporting International (India-Quebec) Residency at ‘The Darling Foundry’, Montreal, Canada. Sep-Nov.

2014 Khoj peers share’ program, at ‘Khoj international artist association’, Delhi, India.

2014 ‘Nasreen Mohamedi’ award in MVA Display, M.S.U. Baroda, India.

Exhibitions, Publication and Workshops, Presentations

2019 Elective module conducted at ‘School of Environment  Architecture’ Mumbai, for a week. July.

2019 Group exhibition at Art Centrix Gallery Delhi. April

2018 Participated in ‘Navigation is offline’ at Bhubaneshwer Art Trail, Odisha. Nov 2018.

2018 Artist talk/presentation at M.S.U, Baroda. July

2018 Participated in ‘venice architecture biennale 2018’ with ‘case design’ in Itly, May-Sep.

2018 Participated in ‘When Is Space?’ contemporary architecture exhibition curated by Rupali Guptey and Prasad Shetty at  Javahar kala Kendra, Jaipur 2018.

2017 First SOLO show at Gallery OPTICA in Montreal, Canada Nov-Dec

2017 Panelist for the symposium “The Pleasure of Making” at ‘School of Environmental architecture'[SEA],Borivali, India.

2017 ‘mind space’ publication with writer Caroline Loncol Daigneault for site specific work at Gallery Verticale, Canada.

2017 Part of ‘HAKARA ‘ a bi-lingual journal of creative expression publication, India.

2016 Part of ‘Young Subcontinent’ Exhibition a part of Serendipity Art Festival in Dec, Goa, India.

2016 Public art project with ArtO2 in Oct, Mumbai.

2016 Group Exhibition ‘A Point & Line to Plane XII’  at Gallery Beyond. Aug.

2016 group show ‘visual infinity’ at Kala Dirgha art gallery. Maharashtra, India. April.

2015 ‘in situ’’mind-space’ with Artist Center Verticale, Laval, Canada

2015 Participated in ‘Bartered collection’ at Mumbai Art Room, Mumbai, India. Aug 2015

2015 Group exhibition ‘endoscopy’ at Art Gate Gallery, Mumbai, India. Aug 2015

2014 Participated in group for ‘Insert2014’ publication. Delhi, India

2014 Group show “MVA II 2014” in M.S.U. Gallery, Baroda, India.

2014 Participated as a team leader in the workshop ‘master class’ under Professor Gurdev Singh in Navarachna College of Architecture, Baroda, India.

2013 Participant of ‘International mural Painting camp’ at Kottayam, Kerala, India. – 2013

2013 Participated in ‘sound workshop’ conducted

by Igal in M.S.U. Baroda, India. 2013

2011 Participated in ‘Genesis art gallery’ group show, Bangalore, India – 2011

2011 Participated in ‘Habit Art Residency’ in Bangalore, India. -2011

2011 Participated in A project for universities in 54th Venice Biennale Sessions, Italy. -2011

2010 Participated in ‘Indian oil’ Exhibition in Mumbai, India. 2010

2007-06 Participated in ‘Bombay Art Society’ Exhibition, at Jahangir art gallery, Mumbai, India.2007, 2006

2006 Awarded 2nd in ‘Art Society of India’ Exhibition, a Jahangir art gallery, Mumbai, India. 2006

2006 Participated in ‘Camlin Art’ Exhibition, at Neharu center art gallery, Mumbai, India. 2006

2006 Participated in ‘Bajaj art’ Exhibition, at Bajaj art gallery, Mumbai, India. 2006
2006 Award received from ‘L.S.Raheja School of art’ Annual Exhibition, Mumbai, India. 2006.


2014 Masters in Visual art [MVA] in painting –Faculty of Fine Art [painting], M.S.U. Baroda, India.

2011 Indian Aesthetics certificate courses – Kalina University, Mumbai, India.

2008 Dip.A.Ed. (Diploma in Art Education) –Sir J.J.School of Art, Mumbai, India.

2006 G.D.Art  (Diploma in Fine Art) – L.S.Raheja School of Art, Bandra, Mumbai, India.

2002 Foundation Course – Model Art Institute, Dadar, Mumbai, India.

2001 High School – Chogale High School, Borivali, Mum

Associated Programmes