PARTICIPANT / Syeda Farhana

  • Name Syeda Farhana
  • Country Bangladesh
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Syeda Farhana: Farhana was born in Khulna, Bangladesh and worked as a researcher before she began her career as a freelance photographer in 2000.  She has since exhibited her work in Dhaka, Delhi, Berlin, Stuttgart, Amsterdam and Assam and participated in art residencies at Khoj Art International and Sarai Media Collective in Delhi, Vasl Art International in Karachi and Desire machine @ khoj in Guwahai, Assam. Currently, the artist lives and works in Dhaka.

In the year 2000, Farhana started working with women migrant workers of Bangladesh. At the Khoj Art Residency of 2001 in New Delhi, her work took a new turn with regards to subject, technique, and presentation. Alongside the single frame, she brought in text, sound, moving images and objects. Thus the down the borders between documentary and fine-art photography, she continued to work with the concepts of nation, the partition, borders, migration and citizenship.

Wandering around the streets of Delhi, she had wanted to find out why the Muslim poor from Bangladesh came to this city. The resulting project, “Dilliwale Kaun/Baharwalle Kaun”, unearthed some answers that pushed Farhana against a wall. After a lengthy silence that ensued, in 2007, she found the story of the “Three Addresses” floating to her over the wall from across the seas. She heard a different tale of exile from the Biharis in Karachi, who migrated twice, first from India and later Bangladesh.

In 2008, a small boat brought Farhana to Gwahati, the capital of Assam on the banks of River Brahmaputra. In this city, the migrant is a ‘wanted’ person. Migrants are needed to nourish and rejuvenate the city. And they are also necessary to sustain an artificial fear in the psyche of the city’s original inhabitants.

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