• Name Shambhavi
  • Country India
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2017 Talwar Gallery, Maati.Maa, New York, New York, US
2014 Talwar Gallery, Reaper’s Melody, New Delhi, India
2011 Talwar Gallery, Lonely Furrow, New York, US
  Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Lonely Furrow, Singapore
2008 Talwar Gallery, Lullaby, New Delhi, India
2007 Talwar Gallery, A bird and 2000 echoes: paintings 2001-2006, New York, US
2002 Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
1998 Association for Visual Arts, Passage from India, AVA, Cape Town, South Africa
  Natal Society of Art Gallery (NSA), Curated by Mirjam Asmal , Durban, South Africa
1997 Foundation for Indian Artists (FIA), Earth And Sky, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1995 Foundation for Indian Artist (FIA), Birds Eyes, Amsterdam, Netherlands
1994 Gallery Chemould, Vigorus, Bombay, Studio Show, New Delhi, India
1992-93 Foundation for Indian Artists (FIA), Passion For Home, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  The Gallery, Madras, India
1990 Shridharapi Gallery, Dawn, New Delhi, India
1989 Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay, India
2005 Vadehra Art Gallery, We are like this only, Curated by Vidya ShivDas, New Delhi, India
2004 Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Amrita Shergil Revisited, New Delhi, India
2003 Lalit Kala Academy, Unshakled Spirit, New Delhi, India
1999 Art Ink, Edge of the Century, Curated by Amit Mukopadhya, New Delhi, India
1998 Centre for Art & Literature, New Perceptions: Image and Media, Organized by CIMA Calcutta, New Delhi, India
  The Next Wave Festival, Bilkool, Curated by Louise Paramore, Melbourne, Australia
1997 National Gallery of Modern Art, Colours of Independence, Curated by Rakhi Sarkar, CIMA Calcutta, New Delhi, India
  Sahmat, Gift for India, New Delhi, India
1995 ISIS Gallery, Kaleidoscope Art from a Transcultural Perspective, Curated by Louise Winjinberg (FIA), Utrecht, Netherlands
  Organized by Sahmat, Postcard for Gandhi, New Delhi, India
  M.S. University, Young Generation from Bihar, Faculty of fine Arts, Baroda, India
1994 Gallery Espace, Drawing 1994, Curated by Pryag Shukla, New Delhi, India
1993 Hassalines are et senans (France) and Kunsthal, Indian Contemporary Art in Chandigarh, Rotterdam, Netherlands
1992 Gallery Espace, Six young Artists, New Delhi, India
1991 Gemeente Museum, Nine Contemporary Indian Artists, Arnheim, Netherlands
  Gallery Foundation for Indian Artists, Nine Contemporary Indian Artists, Amsterdam, NL
1989 Rabindra Bhawan, National Art Exhibition, New Delhi, India
  Rabindra Bhawan, Contemporary artist of Bihar, New Delhi, India
1988 National Art Exhibition, Madras, India
1987 Jahagir Art Gallery, Young Painters of Bihar, Bombay, India
1986 Inter University National Youth Festival, Madras, India
  Prem Chand Youva Mahotsava, Bihar, India
1983 Group AB, Patna, Bihar, India
  All India Drawing
1986 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) College of Fine Arts and Crafts, Patna, India
1988-89 Research Grant Scholarship, Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, India – Worked, Regional Center, Lucknow
1992 Master of Fine Arts (Painting) College of Arts, New Delhi, India
2010 Singapore Tyler Print Institute
2001-04 Greatmore Studios, Cape Town with participation in Holland South Africa Line (HSAL) at The Castle, William Fehr Collection
2002 KHOJ International Workshop Mysore and Banglore, India
1998-99 The search within, Art between Implosion and Explosion, Pernegg Monastery, Vienna
1997 Project on “Kali” Tropen Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Shambhavi Singh currently lives and works in Delhi, India.

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