PARTICIPANT / Salilkanika

  • Name Salilkanika
  • Country Nepal
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Mr. Salil Kanika is a multiform artist and the founder of Earthbeat, an art project to reach out to the society with the involvement of underprivileged children and conscious artists.

He has been actively involved with the children of Mitrata Nepal for the past several years providing them with various opportunities to take part in his art and musical projects. He has organized many innovative Didgeridoo making and playing workshops to enrich the children with creative experiences. The children deeply enjoy participating in his projects and are very fond of his presence.

We are very grateful to Mr. Salil Kanika for his unconditional love and support for the children of Mitrata Nepal and his continuous enthusiasm to cultivate talents and creative skills in our children.

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