PARTICIPANT / Pauliina Salminen

  • Name Pauliina Salminen
  • Country Finland
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Pauliina Salminen was born in Finland.
She graduated as video artist from the Turku School of Art and Communication. After that she furthered her studies in Marseilles, France, at the Université de Provence where she graduated in 2001.

Pauliina Salminen has subsequently directed documentaries, gradually moving towards experimental cinema and media art. Today, she uses photography and video to create installations, interactive pieces and linear videos.

The themes Pauliina Salminen looks at include identity, memory as well as border areas and intermediate spaces. In her work abstract, painterly images blend into a more classical cinematic narrative.

In the creative process of Pauliina Salminen, the audience is often involved. The participatory video projects include different people, children as well as elderly people, exploring the notions of self, living environment, territory…

Pauliina Salminen has exhibited her installations in galleries and museums several countries (Finland, France, Italy, Turkey, India, USA…) as well as at various European festivals.
In addition, she often shows her work in unusual locations, stepping out of galleries and moving towards public space, windows, walls, forest… Pauliina Salminen has also set up installations in swimming pools, shops and chapels.

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