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  • Country Denmark
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Since graduating from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain in 2005, Mille Kalsmose has moved to Denmark and now works as an artist in Copenhagen.
The artistic viewpoint of Mille Kalsmose consists of two parallel worlds – the abstract and imaginative, together with the reflective and real world. The artworks are expressed in a simple and distinct aesthetic language, in series where she blurs boundaries between the reality of autobiographical memory and imagination.
Her work is staged as an enquiry of what it is – actions, decisions, history, a moment in time – that makes us ourselves. Her work is conceptual, but also grounded in process, as her every day life has a direct influence on her artworks. In this sense Mille’ s work is autobiographical: the artworks and reality are intimately connected in the process of creation.
In the Summer 2007 she traveled to Tokyo, Japan with the documentary film director Suvi Andrea Helminen, on a grant from the Danish Film Directors Committee, to work on their common film project “Finding Way”. The film is about questioning identity, about ways of perceiving oneself and the possibilities and barriers involved in redefining oneself, and is still in progress.
Another project which is also taking shape is a computer program with programmer Leif Skov. The project is about swapping lives, and questioning how choices influence life.
Mille Kalsmose has been exhibited nationally in juried exhibitions such as Kubstnernes Sommerudstilling, The Art Museum of West Jutland.
Internationally she has exhibited in Japan and Spain and been featured in publications and TV-shows.
Mille also takes part in think tanks, pilot projects and discussion groups of
art and innovation including Københavns Kommune, Nordjyllands Amt, Ørestad, Copenhagen Business School, Atkins Rådgivende Ingenører, Dansk Design Center