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  • Name Michael Northam
  • Country United States
  • Vocation Artist
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For the past two decades Michael Northam has been cultivating a personal style through an exploration of deep inner experiences through sound. His compositions are based on audio mixes of improvisations on unusual (and self-designed) electro-acoustic instruments interwoven with field recordings from various locations around the world. He has been commissioned to create work for Radio Deutschland Kulture, ORF, Wego, MutsuCrispen, and many other dance, film and theater productions. He was recently a resident at the Villa Waldberta near Munich Germany, where he worked on live surround sound to accompany the performance work BARDO by artist Judith Egger. He has over 20 published sound-works held in high esteem.

2018• Audio restoration for the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. Dharamshala, India• ‘Listening at the Frontiers of Mind and Space’ – Listening and survey of experiential music/sound-arts workshop discussing – Ashoka University & Sri Aurobindo College of Art and Communicaiton, New Delhi, India• ‘Sonic-Arts for Visual Artists’ – I created weekly listening salons, open creative studios and discussions on Sonic arts for this traditional art academy founded by Tagore. Vishva Bharata, Santinikitan, West Bengal, India. ▶ External LINK2017 • ‘intertwining’ – trans-media sound, performance, installation collaboration with ChiMuk, Nikhil Chopra, Enith Maria, Kuru Cirkus – HH Art Spaces, Arpora, Goa, India• ‘sleep action 2017’ – KIPAF17 – created a space for deep listening throughout the night. Kolkata, India ▶ Sound Sample• ‘Breaking Open The Ear’ – Immersive ‘Sound as an experiential medium’ workshop – Polyphony Studios & Ashoka University, New Delhi & Vaayu, Goa, India2016-17 • continuing project – portable sound improvisations on location (forests, ruins, public spaces) – Kodaikanal, Hampi, Kolkata, Benares, India. 2014 • Composed & performed surround sound work for ‘The Way of Light’ installation in Mumbai, India. A site-specific sound and light presentation in collaboration with Shumona Goel, Tabasheer Zutshi and Avijit Mukul Kishore presented by Experimenta India PRESS Links : Mumbai Mirror – IndiaExpress▶ Sound SamplePublished ‘Le Septème Déguisé en Neuf’ on OBS records in Rostov on Don, Russia2013-17 • wilderness retreat experience in Southern Oregon.2012 • Residency at Villa Waldberta and commissioned live surround sound work for ‘Bardo’ performance theater by Judith Egger in Munich, Germany ▶ Sound Sample• Composed ‘FARNE’ for PLANTS TALK 2012 at the Botanischer Garten der Universität Potsdam in Potsdam, Germany. {an eight-channel aleatoric compositon for ferns} ▶ Sound Sample• Improvised sound & vocal performances in Barcelona and Berlin.2011 • Composed ‘watchthingsgrow’ as part of ‘Plants Talk’ at Witzenhausen, Germany {multi-channel aleatoric sound installaton intended for sonifying greenhouses } ▶ Sound Sample2010-12 • Assistant to composer Catherine Christer Hennix – worked with theory, practice, sound-design and installations.2010 • Commisioned surround sound design performances for Arte Sonoro (Madrid) and Intr:Muros (Seville) as well as tour of Italy at various venues (Genoa, Milan, Bologna, Rome)2009 • Sound design for feature length film ‘Red Belly’ by John DiGeorge in Battelboro, Vermont• Residency with Hitoshi Kojo at La Pommerie, France {a three month residency of sound-mapping rural french country side – with location improvisations and sound gathering }2007-8 • Living in India – recordings of temple acoustics of Hampi, Badami, Pattadakal – as well as documents from other locations in South India. ▶ Sound Sample• Sound studies in Varanasi and Bhopal – with Pashupatinath Mishra and Ramakant Gundecha.• Sound design for Shumona Goel’s ‘Family Tree’ site-specific installation in Mumbai, India2007 • Solo installation ‘membrane seeding’ White Box : New York, New York, USA {multi-channel sound and video work installed and solo sound performance happening }2006 • Residency at KHOJ Sonic Arts Program, New Delhi, India – published ‘Golden Shadow’ sound explorations of New Delhi and improvisations during five week residency – recording surveys made at Khajuraho and Varanasi

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