• Name Mamta Sagar
  • Country India
  • Vocation Artist
  • Education Not Available

Mamta Sagar is an Indian poet, writer, academic, translator, and activist writing in the Kannada language. Her writings focus on identity politics, feminism, and issues around linguistic and cultural diversity. She is a professor of Academic and Creative Writing at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology.

Sagar has a PhD in Comparative literature from the University of Hyderabad. She has worked with Hyderabad Central University and Bangalore University, where she has taught Comparative Literature, Translation Studies, Kannada Literature, Feminism, and Postcolonial and Cultural Studies. Sagar received the Charles Wallace India Trust fellowship in 2015.

Mamta Sagar has three collections of poems, four plays, an anthology of column writing, a collection of essays and a booklet on Slovenian-Kannada Literature Interactions to her credit. Her poems are translated into many Indian languages including English apart from Spanish, French, Vietnamese, amongst several others. She has presented poems at poetry festivals across
the world.Mamta teaches at the Centre for Kannada Studies, Bangalore University and lives in Bangalore.


Kaada Navilina Hejje (Footprints of the Wild Peacock) 1992 poetry collection
Chukki Chukki Chandakki 1993 a play for children, directed by Iqbal Ahmed in Bangalore
Nadiya Neerina Teva (Dampness of the River) 1999 poetry collection
Hiige Haaleya Maile Haadu (Like This the song) 2007 poetry collection
Growing Up as a Woman Writer 2007  
MahiLa Vishaya 2007 collection of essays in Kannada and English on gender, language, literature, and culture
Illi Salluva Maatu 2010 collection of column writings published by Chaitrapallavi Prakashana, 2010
Hide & Seek 2014 collection of selected poems in English with the source text in Kannada
kShaNabindu 2018 poetry collection; in collaboration with Vasu Dixit & Bindumalini

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