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Call for Executive Director at Ranga Shankara


Ranga Shankara is a 300-seat state-of-the-art black box theatre located in
Bangalore and dedicated to the nurturance of the art of Theatre.
Run by The Sanket Trust, a registered not-for-profit, Ranga Shankara has
been a nerve centre of theatre for the past 17 years, nurturing art and
artistes, and a catalyst that has changed the landscape of theatre. Over the
years, it has become an oasis where the community comes together and
art flourishes. It is a wonderful example of public-private collaboration
that was built entirely on donations from the government, corporates, and
the community.
With over 400 performances a year, it has become one of the most vibrant,
versatile and affordable spaces for both professional and amateur theatre
in the country.


While the focus will continue to remain on our core activities, the dream is
for Ranga Shankara to become a global hub for the best minds and makers
in theatre and the performing arts – the International Centre for
Excellence in Theatre Arts Practices (2025-2050).
This space (ICETAP) is envisioned to be a hub that will exchange and
showcase ideas, actively incubate thought leaders of tomorrow, and
nurture the art of theatre (which itself is an amalgamation of all the arts)
for future generations.
Towards this, we are looking to create a robust organisational structure by
2023-24, run by qualified theatre and administrative professionals, with a
strategic focus on process, organisation and budget; mixed-income
generation through grants; commercial activities (within the performance
arts space), that together support the core programmes and activities of
the theatre and grow the Institution to its full potential. As the goals of
this phase are achieved, the team will also focus its efforts towards the
larger future goal (ICETAP).


Ranga Shankara seeks a committed and dynamic individual to lead the
organisation towards its next trajectory of growth, and building on the
foundation of “excellence in theatre that is accessible to all – a space that
provides the opportunity to both – established and aspiring theatre artists
to present their work.
The Executive Director will be responsible for driving the strategic vision
of Ranga Shankara, fundraising to build a healthy corpus, creating and
implementing Annual Plans, ensuring financial sustainability and leading
community outreach. This is not a ‘job’, but a mission that operates with
the conviction that Ranga Shankara must continue to be the space that

nurtures Theatre for the future generations and engages audiences in a
process of discovery.
The role is a combination of strategic and operational skills, together with
excellent people skills — ideal for individuals who have a proven track
record in building institutions and deeply care about the performing arts,
especially theatre. This is also a role that requires imagination and
responsible experimentation to support the growth and
sustainability initiatives of the Trust. The appointment will be for a
minimum of 3 years renewable every three years. Salary will be
commensurate with similar institutions and negotiable.


➢ Creating the roadmap for Ranga Shankara in collaboration
with the Artistic Director and Advisory Board
➢ Ensuring that the overall strategic and financial plans are
consistent with the agreed roadmap and sustainable
➢ Fundraising to build a healthy Corpus to sustain the
aspirations of Ranga Shankara
➢ Providing leadership to implement current and future plans, in
consultation with the team
➢ Developing and implementing existing and new
revenue-generating modules, in consultation with the Artistic
➢ Maintaining and enhancing the reputation of ‘Brand Ranga
Shankara’ through effective communication and outreach
➢ Ensuring legal and statutory compliance and liaising with
governments as needed
➢ Creating an energising and conducive work environment for
effective and optimal productivity of the team

The Executive Director (ED) will report to the Board of Trustees, and
Advisory Committees, and will work in tandem with the Artistic Director
to deliver the approved annual plan


➢ The applicant must have a successful track record of institution
building, and a deep and abiding interest in theatre
➢ Strong networking capability and the ability to inspire
➢ Excellent people and communication skills
➢ Strong decision-making and leadership skills
➢ Excellent people and communication skills
➢ Strong decision-making and leadership skills
➢ Hands-on style of managing teams, allocating resources, and
the capacity to be a respected leader
➢ Experience in strategic planning and fundraising
➢ A keen understanding of business and administrative
functions, tools for effective organisational planning, financial
planning, statutory and legal compliance, human resources and
➢ Knowledge of Kannada would be an advantage


How To Apply 
Please email your covering letter with a short CV indicating your
interest to: jobs@rangashankara.in

This will be a two-stage interview process. Shortlisted candidates
will need to interview with Member/Members of the Search
Committee. The final round of interviews will be with the Board
Of Advisors and Board of Trustees.

The last date for applications is 31st August 2021.

Salary will be commensurate with similar institutions, and based
on regular performance-reviews. Ranga Shankara is keen on
attracting the best talent in the field, making sure the fit is right
and future oriented. For more information about Ranga
Shankara, visit our website www.rangashankara.org