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Khoj collaborates with Google Arts & Culture

In 2017 Khoj International Artists’ Association celebrates its 20th anniversary.

In the coming year, we will be sharing new projects, initiatives, activities and stories that usher in the future of our organization; at the same time as we continuously reflect upon and grow from our past.

A collaboration with the Google Arts & Culture platform is the first of these initiatives. We are proud to launch our page with two exhibits featuring 12 women artists who have been instrumental to Khoj’s journey over the past two decades.  ‘At the Turn of the Tide’ introduces Anita Dube, Bharti Kher and Manisha Parekh – founding members of Khoj Studios in 1997, and legends of the contemporary art world today. ‘Counterpoise: Nine artists at Khoj’ features Mithu Sen, Navjot Altaf, Pushpamala N, Rohini Devasher, Sheba Chhachhi, Shilpa Gupta, Sonia Khurana, Tejal Shah and Zuleikha Chaudhari — charting their trajectories within Khoj itself.

In addition to these first two exhibits, a growing collection of items from 20 years of the Khoj archive are now available online. This includes images, videos, texts, recordings, writings, invitations and more. For the first time ever, we are giving you access to what happens behind the scenes at Khoj, by using new ways to tell our stories.  We invite you engage and use this expanding archive as a resource and a tool for learning and discovery.

Khoj will always remain a space which supports artist production, and will always be a safe and open space for experimentation, creativity and dialogue. But as we grow, we are continuously evolving and make room for new ways of experiencing the arts and creating forms of knowledge. Stay tuned for more announcements and news in the months to come!