KHOJ. (to) search, hunt, explore, discover, discern, seek, inquire, trace, track, quest, research, investigate.

Khoj began as a proposition: a space for artists, run by artists.

From its modest beginnings in 1997 as an annual workshop, Khoj has established itself as a not- for-profit, contemporary arts organisation based in Delhi which provides a financial, physical and intellectual space for artists through its various programs. It has built an international reputation as outstanding alternative arts incubation space. It plays a central role in the development of experimental, interdisciplinary, and critical contemporary art practice in India– constantly challenging the established thinking about art.

Through a variety of programmes including workshops, residencies, exhibitions, talks, and community art projects, Khoj has supported the experimentation of many leading Indian artists well before they went on to receive international acclaim. While catalysing a vibrant art-community in India, Khoj has also actively developed the South Asia Network for the Arts (SANA). Khoj has also hosted over 400 international artists from countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Uganda, Kenya, Turkey, Pakistan, Japan, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Thailand, Korea, UK, Germany, France, Mexico and the US.

With a focus on building such networks, developing alternative pedagogies, and learning through collaboration and exchange, Khoj programmes have created unconventional synapses between art and disciplines such as science, architecture and fashion. Khoj facilitates change by encouraging artists and audiences to engage with vital concerns such as ecology, sustainability and community participation. It is constantly expanding the understanding and development of cutting-edge contemporary art practice in India, thereby creating a legacy for the future.


Khoj aims to connect creative practitioners and catalyze  interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation to create new possibilities of art and art-making.  It also seeks to build networks and informed audiences who engage critically with contemporary art in India. In its uncompromising commitment to support creative thinking by building an institutional infrastructure in India for making, exhibiting and researching contemporary art, Khoj is creating a unique legacy for the future.


Khoj is a space for creative collaboration and experimentation. This requires that everyone here, including staff, programme participants, visitors and canteen customers, be proactive in creating a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone’s safety is valued.

Respect physical and emotional boundaries: Everyone entering Khoj is asked to be aware of their language and behaviour, and to consider whether it might be harmful to others. Be aware that you can’t know what people’s boundaries are without asking them. This is no space for violence or for touching people without their consent. If someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable, change your behaviour. Khoj is a survivor-centric and survivor-oriented space. Abuse, harassment and sexual assault, whether verbal or physical, will not be tolerated.

Discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated: No-one entering Khoj should behave in a way that is intolerant of someone’s religious beliefs, racist, ageist, sexist, heterosexist, transphobic, able-bodiest, classist, casteist, or use any other behaviour or language that may perpetuate oppression.

Alcohol: Alcohol is served during some Khoj events. If you use alcohol at these events, please do so safely. Alcohol use is never an excuse to disrespect, harass or harm others.

Khoj does not tolerate behaviour that breaches this policy. If you violate this policy, you will be asked to leave.

If you experience harassment, abuse, or sexual assault please approach a Khoj team member. We are here to help resolve any conflicts arising from the violation of our policies.

We welcome the continuing discussion about and improvement of this policy.