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Zedeck + Munkao

Zedeck Siew and Munkao part of Centre for Artful and Useful Recreation (Centaur), a research initiative that that develops educational apparati based on ludic principles.




Munkao (b. 1982, Kuala Lumpur) is a visual artist and game maker. His interest stems from how we create narratives within cultural knowledge systems. Some of his most sustained engagements include his on-going collaboration with Feng Shui expert Master Chang. He has also made Politiko, a card game where players try to outmaneuver each other in the vagaries of Malaysian politics.




Zedeck Siew is a writer currently based in Port Dickson, Malaysia. He has worked as a journalist, editor and critic for publications like art journal Kakiseni, news website The Nut Graph, lifestyle magazine KLue, and community-level information portal His first published short story appeared in the inaugural Silverfish New Writing anthology (2000). In 2010, as part of Instant Café Theatre’s Homesick programme, he wrote Manek Urai Lama, a play about a by-election in rural Kelantan. He was writer-inresidence at Rimbun Dahan in 2011.

Zedeck has dabbled in performance – most notably in Five Arts Centre’s experimental shadow-theatre project Wayang Fajar (2009). He has also appeared in films like Amir Muhammad’s The Big Durian (2003) and Azharr Rudin’s Via (2012).