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Why exactly we should not trap ourselves with the idea of Urban Farming?

I believe many problems of the city are of rural origin, food being one of them.

In a developing and expanding city like Delhi, food has to be viewed through many lenses….Land/Labor/Knowledge being just few of them.

To start, Urban farming is an interesting proposition, but it is not fully appropriate to handle the complexity of Urban Delhi. In fact I believe, it offers too simple, too small a solution for a much larger problem unfolding today in India.

Just to understand better the terms Urban Farming and Organic Farming, below are some readings



As you will read, many people view Urban and Organic farming as a cultural phenomenon, rooted in Western post-industrial complex.

Since India too is following a global Urbanization, many parts of this Organic movement are directly applicable and should be appropriated and emulated without doubt, but many parts are debatable and should be debated in view of Indian complexity.