Blog / Food Edition III

Srishti Lakhera

Srishti Lakhera is a Film maker, Basket Weaver and a farmer. Her work is inspired by her journey in the hills and the farm lands. Her need to indulge in visual story telling comes from her  urge for sharing her personal stories along with the stories of others as she tries to follow an anthropological approach to storytelling. Since 2013, she has been based in Delhi and runs a production house “P.S. Chhaap Productions”. She has been commissioned to make short classical animation and short films. She uses stop motion, hand cutout and claymation techniques. She has developed and facilitated workshops on land conversation and sustainability. In 2012 she co-created a Story collecting traveling Cafe, “Cafe Bean Here Bean There” which mapped the demography of Northern and Western Indian states.

In order to understand self one needs to have a relationship with the soil from where one’s food come. As Masanobu Fukuoka writes;“Natural farming is not simply a way of growing crops; it is the cultivation of human beings.” Growing food is a metaphor for life and to experience the process from a seed to food is to explore an entire eco-system in itself. In the attempt to understand the connection with the food, in today’s context what came forth was the disconnected food chain system and the disconnected eco-systems. What was visible was the urban food desert, where in the shape of food, brands are sold with a price tag. Where the new seeds are growing in isolation of the soil and our bodies are consuming products. “Sowing seeds in the desert” is an attempt to research and then represent the connection and the disconnect of soil, body and food. The work will be represented through an edible garden and animation video with text.