Blog / Food Edition III

Simran Chopra & Suvani Suri



Simran is a communication design graduate who has recently concluded a specialization in New Media at the National Institute of Design. She seeks to explore the intersections between technology, art, and culture through an enquiry and exploration into interactions with everyday objects. Her interests lie in the domain of research, installation art, critical thinking, and the design of interactive experiences reflective of the relationship of the society as a whole with food. She has in the past been awarded research funding for the project “A Punjabi Palimpsest: Cultural Memory and Amnesia at the Aam Khas Bhag” by the Art & Humanitarian Research Council, United Kingdom and University of Surrey.


Suvani, after having done her graduation in Computer Science Engineering pursued a master’s course in New Media owing to her inclination towards design studies and creative arts. Her stint at National Institute of Design has led her to experiment with mixed media and inter-disciplinary subjects. Her interest areas largely lie within the domain of designing interactions, digital experiences, installation art, and sound as a medium of expression.


The collaborative project through the lens of experimental media, intends to launch an investigation of food as an exigent issue, in the Indian urban scenario that embodies several diverse food environments structured on consumerist attitudes. A critical examination of issues surrounding ‘food’ and ‘eating’ through the intervention of technology will be undertaken in the residency .Through carefully crafted and multi-modal interactions in a public space, a provocative narrative will unfold that shall inspire the audience into questioning the existing food culture and making informed decisions as a consumer.