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“Residual” – a portraiture exhibition by Anpu Varkey

To sit for one’s portrait is like being present at one’s own creation – Alexander Smith

About the exhibition: 

Residual is Anpu Varkey’s solo show on portraitures. The portrait format in her works is used like a portal into a hyper-real realm of being. Awkward hues of reds, greens and yellow mould the face and torso, displacing the ‘model’ from any recognizable place or culture. These hues are fantasy coded within a literary text or short story; Lovecraft’s putrid green or Ballard’s vermilion skies or the morbidity in Poe’s writing. Within each face languishes the remembrance of another face, posthumously read in fiction or built up by the artist’s imagination. The colorised skin tones condition it to be less referential to the ‘real’. A rapid addition and subtraction of colour through various sittings creates the form; the residue. Small strokes form gashes in the face that belie no recognizable face.

Varkey has collaborated with Sebastian Reuschel, a German artist who has created the soundscape for this art project.

About the artists: 

The artist was born in August 1980 in Bangalore, India. She lives and works in New Delhi, India. She completed her MFA from MSU, Baroda before getting a Diploma in Fine Arts at Central St. Martins Byam Shaw School of Art, London, UK in 2005. The portraiture sessions are a series of informal encounters between the artist and the model (always a friend). Their finality is arrived at through various permutations of colour combinations, which can be unending or stunted depending on the frequency of the model’s attendance. Residual solely comprises of the portraits done during the last three years of friends the artist has encountered.
Born in Oschatz, Germany in 1983, Sebastian Reuschel studied fine arts in Bremen, Germany from 2007 to 2013. He has been composing sounds and music under several pseudonyms and projects. He also deals with other forms of art like photography, installation, objects, drawings and some more. For further information please visit