Blog / Food Edition III

Ravi Agarwal



Ravi Agarwal is an artist, environmental activist, writer and curator. He has shown in several international shows including Documenta XI (2002), Kassel ; Germany, Horn Please (Berne 2007) Indian Highway (2009-2012), Sharjah Biennale 2013. Agarwal also co-curated a twin-city public art show, Yamuna – Elbe, Public.Art.Outreach.

Agarwal’s recent practice has explored notions of self, and the relationship between the self and ecological sustainability- an investigation into what one can call ‘personal ecologies’. For his project at Khoj, Agarwal intends to examine food through three interrelated modalities, ‘Desire-Denial-Deprivation’. He is “interested in exploring the idea of a voluntary denial of food as well as the involuntary deprivation caused by its absence or a lack of access to it.” The project will delve into these two modes of deprivation-one self-inflicted, and the other inflicted by the conditions of ones environment which “Both lead to a basic state of (non) existence – in one case of a material, and in the other an ‘immaterial’ condition. They lead to an extreme, an opposition, to a limit… and beyond it. A condition, the nature of which can only be experienced.”  Agarwal’s  work manifests largely through photography, video and installation.