The Urban Typhoon workshop is based on the simple idea that neighbourhoods benefit tremendously from the active involvement of the public. The workshop encouraged this through a creative and playful takeover of the neighbourhood, which connects to existing engagements and produces new avenues for self-expression and launching fresh initiatives.

During the week-long workshops, all kinds of interventions and interactions took place, stimulating debate, exchange and awareness. The workshop drew its energy and creativity from the involvement of local users, including business owners, homemakers, children, teenagers, loiterers and other local hoodies. It focused on local participation and global engagement. These processes were examined in greater detail through conversations and interventions with inhabitants of Khirkee.

The participation of individuals from all over the world contributed to produce a special event full of creative potential. Participants brought their own tools and methodologies servicing the neighbourhood and its residents, allowing their voices to be heard far and wide. The idea was not simply to magnify the voice of the neighbourhood but also to spark an original, collective and open-ended brainstorming action that could produce new imaginaries and futures for Khirkee and beyond.

The workshop was documented throughout the week. In addition, the output was translated into various installations, exhibitions, essays, festivals, architectural designs, urban plans and site-specification, during and after the workshop. Its ultimate aim was to inform decision-makers on the aspirations and potential of Khirkee Village.

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