The Undivided Mind | Art + Science Residency

Join us for the Open Studio day for The Undivided Mind, Art & Science residency at Khoj on April 15th, from 5:30 PM onward.

The Open Studio will feature works produced over a period of six weeks by resident artists Alexey Buldakov,Gagan Singh, Mohan Polamar & Vivek Muthuramalingam, Johanna Schmeer, Sonia Khurana and Tyska Samborska.

BIO·FICTION Film Screening
5:30 PM onward: Selected films from the BIO-FICTION collection will be screened

BIO·FICTION is the international Synthetic Biology Science, Art and Film Festival series. It features short films on any aspect of synthetic biology, including documentary films, animation, (science) fiction etc.  
About The Undivided Mind
The theme of the 2016 edition of The Undivided Mind is ‘Health’. Within this broader framework, artists have been responding to three intersecting curatorial frameworks defined within Health systems. Terrestrial Health refers to that which is on, or related to the earth. It suggests an investigation into the physical health and structure of the body (both human and animal), the environment, the community and the interrelations between these spheres. Mental Health refers to that which is of or relating to the mind. This sub – theme focuses on a psychological investigation of what constitutes Health of the mind and raises questions about the ‘socially’ defined state of well-being; where issues’ surrounding the legal rights and entitlement of personhood, for those living with a mental disorder is open for debate.  Finally, Extraterrestrial Health may refer to any object, being or idea beyond the planet Earth. This sub – theme opens up a space where the relationship between Earth and other planetary bodies can be studied. What does it mean for human existence when sending human life forms to Mars is projected to take place by 2020? What are the long term effects and solution to space debris if life projects out beyond Earth?

Funding support for this program from Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance 

More details to follow. Information on the Residency can be found on ourwebsite and Facebook page.

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