Telephone Pyaar

Telephone Pyaar is a project which generates a fictional telephonic conversations between young lovers. This project is in collaboration with the youth from the Khirkee community and involves a workshop with 5-7 young people who will explore the idea of love as they see it. During the course of the workshop popular films will be viewed, loved songs will be listened to and text which are centered around love will be explored. There are plans to tour ‘love sites’ in the neighborhood including graffiti on street corners or monuments, post class dating spots, PCO booths and internet cafes. The discussions which follow from these interactions will attempt to delineate the classic scenarios and conflicts around the idea of love; the aim is to transgress social boundaries, class conflicts, caste divides unrequited feelings, blind love, etc. These ideas will then be reconstructed into fictional phone conversations that will be scripted and performed by the workshop participants.


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