Social Sculpture

Social Sculpture revolved around three main axes: body awareness, spatial awareness and collaboration. The workshop played with the position of the body in, between, under, outside and around frames.

The workshop was developed by Katrien Oosterlinck and Jordi Ferreiro in the framework of the exhibition  Nepotists, Opportunists, Friends, Freaks and Strangers Intersecting in the Grey Zone, Z33 (Hasselt, Belgium) curated by Bolwer K. Jordi Ferreiro works within the space that divides and also connects art and education, through the use of collaborative actions within public spaces, which results in an artwork.
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Participants were engaged in physical work, changing roles, decision-making, exchange of ideas and interrogating performativity. Sculptural materials were introduced as working tools for creating communal body configurations.

The KHOJ, Social Sculpture workshop was guided by Katrien Oosterlinck, assisted by Marthe Van Dessel, translated by Sakshi Gupta.

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