Satpula Super Series II

The cricket matches of the Satpula Super Series-I in the Khirki community generated immense enthusiasm and excitement amongst the children and youth alike. Carrying forth this fervor, KHOJ happily offered to facilitate more cricket matches for the youth in the community, in response to their passion for the game and eagerness to organise and play in Khirki. In April 2010, the Satpula Super Series- II was organised in collaboration with the youth in the community amidst huge cheer and gusto. The matches were played on the open grounds in the Khirki village, against the backdrop of the ancient Satpula (the seven arched bridge).

Four teams of nine players each between the ages of 15-20 years participated in the Series. Two semi-final matches and a final match were played on weekends during early evenings, enabling most from the community to enjoy the games and also to escape the afternoon summer sun. KHOJ offered to buy new T-shirts for the teams, fund prizes, bring in a professional commentator for the final match of the series and also to document the game via an audio-video recording, further exploring the possibility of a local cable-cast in the community.

High on energy and zest, the games were much enjoyed by all and drew friends from far and wide within the community to cheer and support their respective teams. Many watched the games from the balconies and terraces of their houses adjacent to the grounds. The commentary of the final match peppered with the mimicking of popular Bollywood stars had the crowds reeling with laughter and joy. The winning team took home the first prize sum of Rs 1000/- while the runner-ups were awarded a cricket bat. Later, the four teams came by to the KHOJ office to celebrate the huge success of the fun-filled cricket series over cups of chai, samosas and soft drinks, eager to continue to organise further such series in the Khirki community and looking forward to the Satpula Super Series-III.

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