Refracting Rooms : The Khoj International Workshop @ Pune

Khoj International Artists’ Association

In association with

The Good Artist of Pune

Presents REFRACTING ROOMS, the itinerant Khoj International Workshop, this time in Pune. 

Khoj started  in 1997 through an international workshop in Delhi and after the initial years started traveling to new cities across the country with the international workshop model. It’s aim was to provide a catalyst for the local art scene in these centres. This year the workshop will be held in Pune, despite the tremendous growth Pune has experienced in last two decades, it is still a place where its rich past meets its bustling and vibrant present. The workshop has 20 participating artists, half of whom are from different parts of the world and various parts of India. The workshop is open ended and is seen as a non-hierarchical space where all artists work together in a spirit of camaraderie and learning.

An open studio day will be held at the end of the 2 week, for local audiences to interact with the artists and the work.  Return airfare, accommodation, per-diems and a modest production budget are made available to all artists.

This workshop will be hosted at the amazing Working Studios run by TIFA which was an old colonial hotel (Hotel Wellesley) in the city centre near the railway station from the between the 15th of February and 1st of March where 10 national and 10 international multi-disciplinary artists will come together to explore, experiment, and create site-specific art work for 15 days.

TIFA Working Studios


Working Group – The Good Artist of Pune

Shraddha Borawake

Rucha Kulkarni

Rajyashri Goody

Trishla Talera

Prashant Kumar

Snehal Kulkarni


Participating Artists

Amshu M.S.

Shraddha Borawake

Shweta Bhattad

Kartik Sood

Vaibhav Rak Shah

C. Krishnaswamy

Rajyashri Goody

Prashant Kumar

Rucha Kulkarni

Snehal Kulkarni

Szu Han Chen

Syaiful Ardianto

Emran Sohel

Minette Mangahas

Immy Mail

Laurent Pinon

Francesca Lalanne

Svea Schneider

Katazyna Krakowiak

Dominic Nurre

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