Peers 2007

Peers 2007, the summer students residency, five artists fresh out of college along with a critic sweat it out at the Khoj Studios. Supported by the India Foundation of the Arts, Bangalore, Peers is a 4 week experimental Arts Laboratory for 6 artists/students shortlisted from around the country.

Khoj invites the following artists and critic for Peers 2007:

Aditi Kulkarni
Aishwarya Sultania
Prathap Modi
Shaahkar Siddique
Uma Ray

Critic- In – Residence:
Jayashree Vankatadurai

Uma Ray: Reflects on the journey of a person exploring the self-within as well as with-out.

Prathap Modi: Works with large woodcuts and plays with the psychological mindset of the consumer in the mechanical world.

Aishwarya Sultania: Works with the sense and sensibilities of the heart and mind mapping, she attempts to transform the very thought process into the images.

Aditi Kulkarni: Meditates on the idea of time and space, she creates realms which give the viewer a different perception and experience of the two.

Shaahkar Siddique: Is a sound practitioner and experiments with the relationship between music and spiro graphic movement by simulating laser images.

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