Peers 2005

The Peers Student Residency is a platform which provides an invaluable opportunity for exchange and dialogue. The artists invited for Peers-2005 represent a wide cross section of geographies and disciplines. For 4 weeks five young artists will be spending time working and living together. It was a time for interaction, collaboration and most important of all a time for exploration and some serious fun.

Peers is a 4-week residency program for recent graduates from art colleges across India, initiated with support from the  India Foundation for the Arts, which provides an opportunity for exchange and dialogue. The Peers Program hopes to create a regular forum for experimentation, development, and critique within an alternative educational framework.

Khoj invites the following artists and critic for Peers 2005:

Himashu Shetty
Malvika Mankotia
Rajesh Ram
Sanhita Banerjee

Critic- In – Residence:
Rohini Devasher

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