Parallels /// Open Day and Newspaper Launch

Open Day with David Brazier and Vanessa Lovell
Newspaper Launch of Khirkee Voice खिड़की आवाज़

27 August, 2017, 4:30 pm at Khoj Studios

Khoj invites you for the Open Day of our associate residency programme with artists David Brazier from Australia and Vanessa Lovell from the UK and the launch of the community newspaper Khirkee Voice.

David Brazier’s practice uses a variety of social forms to narrate specific moments of social and economic power in the context of globalisation. He is currently researching contemporary forms of labour to inform a critical model of social engagement, exploring how participation in art can thematise the ethics and aesthetics of a deregulated global workforce. He employs an assortment of media including video, sound and installation as well as live performances and events, frequently collaborating with his wife Kelda Free.

Converging around form and texture, Vanessa Lovell’s work encompasses a range of mediums and subjects influenced beyond the realm of fashion. Always research driven, her projects reflect a fascination for science, technology and research innovations, focusing on a range of craft techniques ranging from the scientific to the labour intensive. With a strong understanding of printing and dyeing techniques, Vanessa aims to experiment with the manipulation of conventional processes to create unique fabrics and sculptures, testing the boundaries of materials and form to clothe the body. Previous projects have included harvesting crystals on cloth to create bejewelled fabric patterns, growing fabric from bio-cultures, and rejuvenating up-cycled fabrics through hand-pleating technique inspired by Japanese origami.

In this season of GST, the fourth edition of Khirkee Voice examines the neighborhood as a micro-economy, a tiny microcosm of the immensely complex and diverse economic realities of our country, and talks to the community about how the changes in the tax system are affecting their businesses. We also look at how this tiny, thriving and interconnected conglomeration of small and medium enterprises is both environmentally and economically sustainable, and could even teach a thing or two to towns in rich countries like Germany!

David Brazier’s residency is supported through Khoj’s partnership with Australia Council for the Arts.

Vanessa Lovell’s residency is supported through Khoj’s partnership with University of the Arts London.

Khirkee Voice is edited by Malini Kochupillai and Mahavir Singh Bisht, and supported by Khoj International Artists’ Association.

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