Manoeuvering Miniatures

Manoeuvering Miniatures was a highly coded and deeply provocative exhibition held in 2001. Alternatively satirical, political, witty and subversive, this small but tightly curated exhibition simultaneously delights and provokes.

This exhibition was the first of its kind, bringing contemporary Pakistani miniatures into India. Manoeuvering Miniatures was conceived as an important opportunity to begin bridging the gap between Pakistan and India, two countries in contention with one another that hold such a commonly rich past with several overlaps. The works and curatorial overtone dealt with questions of authenticity, tradition, of cultural stereotyping and vis-a-vis the international gaze.

The participating artists were discovered during Director Pooja Sood’s trip to Karachi, Pakistan where she attended the open studio and seminar of the Vasl International Artists’ Workshop and  Virginia Whiles was the guest curator for the exhibition.

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