Launch of Khirkee Voice Issue #3

Wednesday. May 10th 2017, 6:00 PM onwards at Khoj Studios

Issue No. 3 focuses on Khirkee as an Urban Habitat, the lived experiences of its past, present and possible futures. To encourage kids and adults alike to imagine their own future visions for Khirkee, two illustrators present at the launch will guide those interested in an informal drawing session conducted in the newly minted Jamun Park. A group of young Slam Poets will introduce the community to the art form, and lead kids in coming up with own on the spot poetry.

Illustrators to help kids and adults imagine their own futures for the neighborhood:
Ita Mehrotra
Anarya Dodes

Intro to Slam Poetry and Performance:
Somesh Thapliyal
Cheryl Mukherji
Prateek Pandey

Khirkee Voice is edited and created by Malini Kochupillai and Mahavir Bisht, and supported by Khoj International Artists Association.

For more information, and to read back issues of the newspaper, please visit our publications page.
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