Khirkee Talk Show: Khirkee Khol, Khul ke Bol

The Khirkee Talk Show is a collaboration between Khirkee Storytelling Project and Khirkee Voice, to create a space for open and honest dialogue between the Khirkee locals and the Africans who live in Khirkee, might cross each other by often on the street but don’t get to talk to each other. The first day began with Yves Tabidje from Ivory Coast welcoming tons of curious questions from the locals ranging from his country’s spices, music and politics to frankly discussing racism against people from African countries in Delhi. The locals, in turn, loved telling him about their regional dishes, movie stars and learning about the reverse dowry system in Ivory Coast where the girl’s family goes to the boy’s for weddings! Over multiple chai shots and grooving to ‘Lollypop Lagelu’ on the street, biases began to be put out in the open to be questioned and discussed over the next two days. Locals of different age groups, gender and backgrounds began to open up in their perceptions of their African neighbors while African nationals such as from Somalia began sharing their experiences of living in the city over the last few years. We hope to continue these conversations on a monthly basis, so do watch this space for more!



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