Khirkee-ki-Khoj: Kite-Making Workshop for Children

Our second introduction with the children happened over a kite-making workshop.  We invited skilled kite makers from Old Delhi and 20 children from the street to learn the skill. On the 22nd of Jan ’05 children poured in by the dozen, the enthusiasm of making and flying their own kites over two weekends was infectious, as more friends and cousins joined us on the 26th to watch the kites soar throughout the Khirki sky.

Khirkee-ki-Khoj: Kite-making Workshop

Recently we held a collage workshop for the children of the street and the response was encouraging. On the basis of this we held our second workshop of Kite making for the children. On the 22nd of January 2005 the children poured in and by the time we were winding up the number of participating children had escalated to 26. The enthusiasm of the children was a lot more than it had been in any of the previous workshops we had ever held. Each child made 5-6 kites on average.

For the trial round the children made newspaper kites, once they had mastered this skill they went on to plastic and fine paper kites. Each child then was free to embellish and decorate their kite however they liked.  By the end of the workshop we had made over 100 kites in various different sizes, shapes and materials.

We decided to fly the kites on the 26th of January (Republic day) off the terrace of Khoj. The children took great pride in flying the kite they had made, we carried on until we had flown all the kites and the children went back very happy. The eagar participants made us promise that we would call them for the next workshop whatever it is, whenever it is.

Aastha Chauhan

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