Interactive Design Workshop

This workshop explores the possibilities of creating interactive installations and new media environments using DIY electronics, Open Source Software and Ubiquitous Technology.

This workshop is being lead by artist and new-media practitioner Matthew Kenyon.

Workshop concept: Creating Agency through Telepresence

In this project user-movement about the city shall control the illumination of lightboxes at a remote location. These light boxes shall be attached to an Arduino microcontroller running Processing software, users will be able to send their GPS coordinates to this micro-controller via a smartphone device as they move about the city. The data being processed by the software shall switch the appropriate light boxes on and off again, the light boxes will display images of the city remotely contoled by user movements. This workshop will look at 4 technologies, together they will combine to create a distributed tele-presence based artwork.

The 4 technologies are:

1. Digital Photography.
2. Rapid Prototyping and Digital Fabrication.
3. Programming and Physical Computing.
4. Ubiquitous Computing.

Participants will  be involved in all stages of the construction of the project in a hands-on process led by the mentor.

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