IFA Curatorial Residency 2011

The residency aims to establish a model of practice-based training for curators. It is an attempt at developing a training ground for emerging curators who will engage with various modes of artistic practice as well as be actively involved in critical writing. The curators were selected by a jury comprising of Shuddhabrata Sen and Pooja Sood.

The second in its series, this residency resulted in a set of three exhibitions, collectively entitled Augmenting Practices at KHOJ, which served as the nodal centre facilitating curatorial practice in the visual arts.

Exhibition 1. Elusive Truth, Evolving Medium: Evaluating Contemporary Political Documentary, Curated by Rattanmol SIngh Johal

This exhibition underscores the evolution of the documentary medium – its questioning of the complexities of representing multiple/subjective truths and its exhibition in contemporary art spaces. This exhibition uses four full-length documentary films juxtaposed with text, a book of photo postcards, two YouTube videos and showcases works by Monica Bhasin, Simon Chambers, Sheba Chhachhi, Deepa Dhanraj, Anirban Datta, Dayanita Singh and Samadrusti TV.

Exhibition 2. Parenthetic Exercises: Archiving the Studio, Curated by Akansha Rastogi

This exhibition is a text (in parenthesis) but it is not the main text. The curator inhabited and archived artist Ranbir Kaleka’s studio during the residency-period. Each exhibit is an appendix to the artist’s practice, studio space, artworks and sites of artistic production. Positioning the curator as an artist, researcher, archivist and parasite, the exhibition plays on the idea of archival exhaustion, with the artist as material.

Exhibition 3. Khoj Online: Experiments in Digital Curation, Curated by Leon Tan

This project involves the curation of archival material from KHOJ International Artists’ Association using networked platforms including Panoramio, Google Earth, Google Maps and Historypin, making it widely accessible to online audiences. It also builds on Panoramio’s integration with the Layar augmented reality browser, such that audiences in India using Layar on their hand-held devices in close proximity to Khoj’s historical art activities across the sub-continent will encounter images from the archives linked to contextual information.

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