Gaza 51 brings to India art works (pencil sketches, photographs, paintings, digital art), short stories, poems, films and music produced by young Palestinians from Gaza, aged between 14 and 25 years. The festival that has travelled to multiple cities opens at Khoj Studios.

The artists’ works emerge from their experiences and memories of their lives being devastated by the 2014 Israeli invasion of their land and homes, at the time of Ramadan, and by the present ongoing aggression.

Conceptualised by Mahnoor Yar Khan and hosted by Khoj, the exhibition weaves stories of displacement, occupation and exile, of daily life and resilience under siege.

At Khoj the Festival will include Lectures and Talks, Discussions, Poetry and Short Story Readings, Film, Documentary and Audio-Visual Screenings including of Short Films, Videos, Footage, Poetry, Performances, Theatre and Story Telling.


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