Arts & Science Residency

This residency explored the intersections between art, science and technology. Bringing together two Indian artists and two International artists for a period of six weeks, the residency aimed to encourage creative and experimental collaborations between scientists and artists and further enhance public engagement with both science and art.

Artists – in – Residence
The four participating artists came from diverse disciplines that included sculpture, printmaking, video, animation and installation.

Nick Turvey (U.K.):
The study of syntax in nature is at the core of Nick’s practice. During the KHOJ residency, Turvey will be testing the idea that art and science can operate as parallel modes of inquiry into organisational first principles. Questions for sculptural investigation will be formulated that address the current concerns of the scientists who have agreed to participate, and who will then be invited to interpret the results.

Joanna Hoffman (Poland):
Joanna was born in 1968 in Poznan, Poland. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan receiving M.A. Diploma 1992 and PhD in 2000. She has been exploring the relations between micro and macro scales of our universe, recently directing her interest towards fundamental matter of life, molecular activities and dynamics. In her work she confronts cultural heritage with contemporary investigations often translating scientific data into everyday, personal experience.

Rohini Devasher (Delhi)
Rohini studied painting and printmaking at the College of Art, Delhi and the Winchester School of Art, U.K. Her practice focuses on understanding complex natural structures and exploring the recursive developmental mechanisms through which these structures could have been created.

Abhishek Hazra(Bangalore):
Abhishek Hazra is a visual artist based in Bangalore. He graduated from the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. His current body of work explores the intersections between technology and culture through the narrative device of a ‘visual fable’. He is also interested in the sociology of scientific practices, with a particular focus on the social history of science research in India. For his work in this residency he attempts to explore this particular area further in . Abhishek also writes occasionally on contemporary Indian art.

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