3×4: Exploring metaspace platforms for inclusive future cities

In Indian mega cities such as Delhi and Mumbai, more than 50% of the population live in informal settlements. 3×4 meters is the plot size provided in some resettlement colonies, a government initiative which relocates people within informal inner-city settlements to vacant land on the periphery. 3×4 looks at informal settlements differently where informality is not viewed as a problem, but a promising new model of urbanism.

3×4 creates an immersive, telematic environment by merging two identical 3×4 metre room installations at Khoj International Artists Association, Delhi and Southbank Centre, London, to provide a playful, sensorial exploration of new hybrids of digital space. Audiences in Delhi, London and across the globe can co-create these mixed-reality scenes via, and explore the qualities and values built through self-organised communities that are lost in the resettlement process. From informal settlement dwellings to contemporary compact interior designs, micro living solutions and imagined worlds, this transnational dialogue intends to set an aspiration for developing metaspace platforms in the global south.

3×4 is a collaboration between Professor Paul Sermon at the University of Brighton, Dr Claire McAndrew at The Bartlett, UCL, Swati Janu a Delhi-based Architect and Vivek Muthuramalingam a Bangalore based photographer.

The project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of a broader collaboration between UnBox, British Council and Science & Innovation Network.

3.30pm-9.30pm daily, 12-14 December 2014 at Khoj Studios, S 17, Khirkee Extension

10.00am-4.00pm daily, 12-14 December 2014 at Festival Village, Southbank Centre

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