• Name Tooraj
  • Country Iran
  • Vocation Artist
  • Education B.S in Computer Engineering, Software
  • WeblinkWeblink

Tooraj Khamenehzadeh started his artistic practice in theater and then shifted to photography and video art. Today, photography, image-based projects, and sometimes the utilization of his theater background comprise the central part of his works. Born and raised in a region where Eastern Philosophy prevails, drew him towards the study and research mysticism. Like Tarighat for a mystic —mystic’s spiritual pilgrimage— he deals with art and producing artworks as a way of exploration, intuition, subjective experience, and immediate perception of reality, which is ultimately realized in his body of work.

His works are the result of his insights along this path, through which he tries to share layers of various realities with his audience. His approach to different subject-matters is rooted in reality; yet, he mostly makes use of dramatic elements to create surreal representations. His works stem from various social and historical contexts and constitute a whole that addresses broader philosophical and humanistic concerns. The characters of his visual stories raise more comprehensive questions such as death, solitude, apprehension, time, the reason for existence, metamorphosis, crisis, and oblivion.

Khamenehzadeh’s works have been presented in various international festivals, exhibitions, and biennials such as Iran Photo Biennial (Iran), Monnaie de Paris (France), Polyforme Festival (France), Chongqing Photo and Video Biennale (China), International Art Festival (Nepal). His works have also been published in different books and magazines like African Textile Today (UK), PIX (India), Connaissance des Arts (France), and Canvas (UAE). He has also participated in several international artists’ workshops and artist residencies, including Theertha (Sri Lanka), Khoj (India), SaNsA (Ghana), Vasl (Pakistan), and Organhus (China). He received his BS in Computer Engineering from Qazvin Azad University in Iran and his MFA in Photography, Video, and Related Media from School of Visual Arts in New York.

In addition to his activities as an artist, Khamenehzadeh has been on the curatorial and management teams of many arts and cultural projects, including arts exchange programs, artist residencies, exhibitions, and international workshops. He is based in New York.

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