PARTICIPANT / Showket Kathjoo

  • Name Showket Kathjoo
  • Country India
  • Vocation Not Available
  • Education Not Available

Showkat Kathjoo is a Srinagarbased artist on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Srinagar, Kashmir. Through different mediums ranging from public art to performance cum installation, Kathjoo focuses on the landscape narratives that have transformed contemporary identity by giving new meaning and impetus to the concept of landscape, including that of the national. An ongoing process of mapping and translating the interrelated patterns which coexist between landscape, sociopolitical culture, modes of resistance, and subjective apprehension have produced a gamut of images, questions, and paradoxes. Kathjoo’s works encompass a focus on conflicts, including the question of territory and claims on landscape, further problematized by using the body as a site of contestation.

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